Glazed Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Donuts

It’s Donut Friday! If that wasn’t a thing before, it definitely should be. Have you guys heard of VooDoo Donuts? I think there are a few different locations around the country and they have the most delicious looking donuts ever. I would be lying if I said I’d never searched Instagram for #voodoosonuts and just stared at them for hours. I think I saw one covered in Fruity Pebbles once. Weird. But awesome. These donuts don’t have Fruity Pebbles on them, but they are still pretty darn good.

So I did something pretty great this week. I finished college! What? Who thought this day would ever come. Definitely not my parents. Just kidding. I swear I feel like I just graduated from high school. I mean I guess it wasn’t THAT long ago, but you know what I’m saying. Graduation is next weekend and then I will have the summer “off” before I start my internship in August. So many exciting things happening!

Speaking of exciting things, I am going to Nashville next week! My aunt and uncle live there and it’s become one of my favorite places. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. Especially if you are a country music lover, obviously. I have to say I wish we were going this weekend though, because my cousin Ashley is going to her very first prom on Saturday. She’s just growing up so fast. If we were there I would totally take the role of one of those crazy moms taking a million pictures of my child and their date in different poses. Thank God my mom never did that. Mainly because she doesn’t know how to use a camera. Looking back that definitely worked out in my favor. You know what I hate? When boys wear the same colored suit to match their date’s dress. It’s awful looking. And there are teenage boys running around looking like cotton candy. I’m having flashbacks from my proms of bright blue and pink vests and ties. It makes me cringe a little. Just stick with the classic black fellas. You will thank me later.

Is it bad that I already want another puppy? It’s just so quiet around the house since Poco has been gone and it feels so weird. We need a furry friend to love on. I don’t think we will get another chihuahua though. They are so cute but just so small. You can’t do any activities with them without wearing them out in 5 seconds. So maybe a little bit bigger. I’m thinking a Boston Terrier would be great. I keep showing my mom pictures of them to convince her and she is not loving them like I am. Maybe because the one I showed her was from Michigan. I will keep trying.

So now that I’ve given fashion advice to teenage boys and talked about dogs, you deserve a donut recipe.

Glazed Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Donuts

  • Prep time:
  • Cook time:
  • Total time:
  • Yield: 8
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Recipe type: snack


  • For the donuts:
  • 5 large medjool dates, pitted
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
  • 2 tbsp sunflower seed butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp coconut crystals
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 cup Enjoy Life chocolate chips (or dark chocolate chips), melted
  • For the glaze:
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil, softened (not melted!)
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tbsp sunflower seed butter


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Grease donut pan with coconut oil (I used a large donut pan, but a mini or donut hole maker should work)
  3. Begin by placing dates and 1/2 tbsp water in the microwave to soften for 30 seconds.
  4. Remove from microwave, add other 1/2 tbsp water and mash to create a paste (should end up with about 1/4 cup of paste).
  5. Combine date paste with the rest of the donut ingredients in a food processor until a smooth batter forms and all are well incorporated.
  6. Spoon batter into donut pan, filling about 3/4 of each hole.
  7. Bake for 12 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean in the center.
  8. While donuts are baking, prepare your glaze by whisking all ingredients together in a small bowl until the mixture is smooth.
  9. When done, remove donuts from oven and allow to cool in pan for 5 minutes, then remove and cool on wire rack completely.
  10. Once completely cool, dip the top of each donut into the glaze.
  11. Enjoy!

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Comments: 5

  1. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh April 25, 2014 at 9:26 am Reply

    Congrats on finishing college! WOO HOO!!

    Enjoy Nashville. The only time we ever stopped was at The Cupcake Collection and didn’t have the best experience so I’m looking to rectify that. I’m looking forward to your recommendations!

    These donuts look heavenly! YUM!

  2. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog April 25, 2014 at 12:38 pm Reply

    I love Nashville!! It’s such a fun and lively city. Congrats on your graduation. Time starts to fly even more now. This year it will be 5 years since I graduation college and it feels like yesterday I was just making friends with the girls in my dorm.

  3. Christy H April 25, 2014 at 4:00 pm Reply

    Get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! They are the best…big enough to play with but small enough and enough of a lap dog that they will cuddle anyone anytime.

  4. [...] Glazed Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Donuts [...]

  5. suzieQ July 26, 2014 at 11:42 am Reply

    Hey Taylor…I have a Taylor too…except he is a 24 yr old boy…sorry… Man…lol. And Boston’s are awesome. We have had them for over 30 yrs of our married life…our last one passed at 15 yrs old last summer. They are so smart, easy to train, don’t shed, low maintenance, active but still can be a lap lover…lol…so getcha one. Oh and the donuts sounds fabulous.

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